Inbound Call Tracking in Sales and Marketing

Many organizations run on the basis of sales revenue. This basically means that acquiring new customers is always welcome and anticipated by the company directors. The sales force is, therefore, an important asset of the company and their input is highly sought. Managers are always pleased to have working sales representatives that deliver according to the set timelines. However, many managers forget to carry out the required analytics to get to know what the plans for the representatives are in the long run in terms of growing their customer base and subsequently the sales. There is the need for a bigger picture in trying to prospect even when a company makes a high volume of sales. Plain meetings are not enough.

This calls for Ringba. The managers can track inbound calls and be able to evaluate how the sales representatives and marketers relate to the prospective customers in the market. The analysis is based on the call detail including the duration, subject, and even tone. Inbound call tracking software has the features that enable one to have all the details relating to a particular call. Tracking calls with Ringba for instance in the recent past has proven to be efficient in coming up with insights in decision making.

In most cases, the marketers use company cell phones, where the companies may decide to use local or toll-free inbound call tracking numbers and forward the calls to specific phones. The nitty-gritty details of a call are logged and can be retrieved on demand. It is from these calls that a marketing manager could arrange for a meeting at the start of say a week to advise the salesforce on the areas of improvement or commend them. Decisions in any organization are inevitable and such information is vital to formulate realistic marketing decisions. Managers have to exercise due diligence before sharing the information with all team as some of the representatives would be uncomfortable.

Employee training and development is a growing human resource concern that should not be taken lightly. Inbound call tracking in the corporate world has made it possible to develop new training strategies aimed at increasing the productivity of the employees. The size of the company does not matter when it comes to using phone call tracking features to gain useful information on sales and marketing. It is an area worth investing in to spur growth in the entire company.

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